The Beautiful And Unusual World Of Antique Gothic Furniture

The Gothic era was primarily about espousing creativity via impressive structures, stunning art and beautiful furniture and generations since have been reaping the benefits of that! If you can find any antique Gothic furniture to purchase then the likelihood is that it is up to nine hundred years old as that particular era began in the 12th Century. It was widespread in France and the rest of Western Europe and lasted until the 15th Century, when the Renaissance was born in Florence, Italy.

Cathedrals and churches played a large part in the foundation and establishment of the Gothic era and thus many of the expert craftsmen were or were trained by monks. As a result, a lot of care and attention went into the creation of their now antique Gothic furniture. In fact, there were two distinct periods of Gothic influence, between 1150 and 1500 and then again between 1840 and 1860, give or take a few years on both dates. It is therefore more difficult to put an age on some antique Gothic furniture. Either way, it is extremely valuable.

Finding antique Gothic furniture is not especially difficult if you know where to look. Many antiques store in cities and towns will have some sort of antique Gothic furniture on their inventory. They often feature it because it is valuable and extremely old for the most part. The intricately carved designs attract many buyers from all over the world. This demand also ensures that the value of such items routinely rises every year and so will give you a significant return on your investment.

There are some stores that market antique Gothic furniture reproductions at a fraction of the cost. These designs also appear to be popular because the replicas are so close to the real thing that the untrained eye cannot tell the difference.

Locating and purchasing antique Gothic furniture is relatively simple when compared with the tender loving care that it actually needs to maintain its value and status. Individually owned pieces will need specialist care every few years to keep it in perfect condition. This may involve restoration work on scratches, marks and routine degradation but it can work out to be quite expensive.

When maintaining authentic antique Gothic furniture as part of a routine, you should never use any form of polish or chemicals as this can cause a weakness in the wood, especially if any polish gets into the hand crafted areas where it will fester and stain the wood. Many dealers will be happy to provide maintenance advice when you initially purchase the antique gothic furniture because no responsible dealer would be willing to let such damage occur to a valuable antique.

Antique Gothic furniture can be quite imposing and so may fit into the tapestry of your home in small doses. It is beautiful but has a darker quality that any individual should make the most of. If you value your antiques you will find a place to highlight its natural beauty and enhance your home at the same time.

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Hardware For Furniture Upholstery

Hand-forged, stamped and machine-cut iron tacks, pins, wire nails, staples and other hardware such as clips, hooks, clamps, braces, snaps and zips are used to attach layers of upholstery, and support systems to frames.

Eighteenth-century tacks have hand-forged iron shanks and hammered heads sometimes referred to as ‘rose head’. However, this term is also used to describe some machine-made types and should therefore be avoided as confusing. By the late eighteenth century the process had developed further – shanks were machine-cut but the heads were still hammered by hand. It was not until the early nineteenth century that the heads were machine-stamped. Today upholstery tacks are generally blued cut steel and of two types, fine and improved, the latter being slightly heavier with a larger head. They have a small spur of metal used for temporary tacking and can be used with a magnetic tack hammer. Professional upholsterers commonly kept sterilized tacks in the mouth, from where they could be quickly and easily spat onto the magnetic head, temporarily placed and then driven home with the hammer head, thus keeping one hand free to hold material. Clout tacks have burred shanks to increase the anchor into the wood. Gimp pins are small thin nails, enamelled or lacquered in a range of colours, that are used to attach gimp braid, fringes and exposed backs of outer covers. They were known in the late eighteenth century as copper pin nails. Today they are generally of fine cut steel. Small wire nails have been used for the same purpose.

Since mechanization in the closing years of the eighteenth century, tacks have become plentiful and comparatively cheap. More are therefore used in so-called traditional upholstery as currently practised than were used in preindustrial age furniture and this may cause more damage to the frame. It is a common misconception that traditional upholstery (using hand-built industrial age upholstery techniques) is more authentic and less damaging to the frame than modern application techniques. Staples properly delivered from electric or pneumatic guns probably cause less stress to the frame than tacks hammered in by hand, though the staple is used by most manufacturers of commercial furniture for reasons of economy. Also, modern techniques usually involve the application of a complete preformed unit which only requires the application of a single row of metal fasteners to secure it to the frame. This contrasts with hand-built techniques where each separate layer of the multilayered structure is attached to the frame with a separate row of metal fasteners. Metal fasteners are available in a variety of sizes, gauges and metals.

Standard sizes of wire from which commercially available fasteners are derived conform to certain recognized gauges (e.g. Birmingham Wire Gauge), but this differs internationally (e.g. metric, Imperial, USA). Some are plated either for decorative purposes or to increase their resistance to corrosion. Generally speaking, the larger tacks and staples are used to hold webbing, the smallest and finest to hold the top cover. Metals include iron, steel and copper alloys. Close examination of tacks and nails may indicate the type of manufacturing process. Features to look for include tapered and non-tapered shanks, uniform sizes and shapes, surface burrs and striations, gripper die marks and metal type. These features may indicate techniques of manufacture and may suggest a date. For example, uniform sizes with flashes may suggest casting whilst identical features may indicate machine manufacture.

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How To Make The Most Of Antique Furniture Shops

It is a well-known fact that the layout and style of our homes accurately reflect our individual characters and personalities. Every item that we buy and display in our homes says something about us. As a result, it is essential that we pay attention to every item that we buy. Antiques are in fashion at the moment, as well as providing a sound investment, so more and more individuals are taking to exploring antique furniture shops in their quest for an identity and a bargain.

Antiques can bring your home a certain elegance and opulence that previous generations enjoyed in a vast array of styles and designs. Anyone taking a look around antique furniture stores is likely to find something to suit their tastes and browsing around several antique furniture stores will enable you to determine what kind of piece you are looking for.

Before even choosing a definitive style, you should identify what sort of era and place of origin you want in your furniture. Antiques are pieces of furniture over a hundred years old and come from all over the world so you have to really narrow the scope of your choice down. Antique furniture stores usually have an area of specialization and so browsing a few stores may help you to decide, although it is rare that you can actually browse through a range of eras in the one place. You must be prepared to travel or browse the Internet in order to help refine your tastes. As soon as you have defined a broad set of wants and needs, you can contact individual antique furniture stores in preparation for purchase.

Antique Oak Furniture Antique furniture stores are often few and far between in more rural or modern areas, but older towns and all cities should have a wide range of antiques available for purchase. However, more and more antiques furniture store owners are starting to offer their wares solely online. This cuts down costs and opens their business up to markets further afield. They can in fact sell their antiques all over the world. It also helps the consumer to choose the perfect piece for them because images and full descriptions are available online.

When dealing with online antique furniture stores, exercise a good degree of caution. The antiques business attracts big money so always be aware of fraudulent deals. Check out the store background and the history of the owner behind it. If you cannot trace him or her, or find something that you are not entirely satisfied with, then just walk away and try to find your desired piece elsewhere. Never hand over any money until you are satisfied with the antique furniture store’s communication and have all of the relevant information in writing.

Always be aware of shipping costs too. If you are purchasing from online antique furniture stores then the likelihood is that the total cost will include a significant shipping cost as a result of the weight and dimensions of your antique. As soon as it gets to you though, all thoughts of cost will be swept away because you will be staring at an item of absolute beauty!

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A Quick Guide To Mahogany Antique Reproduction Furniture

Mahogany furniture is a largely English furniture institution. Much of the antique furniture originating in the 18th Century was made of mahogany. Not only did it look extremely appealing, it was also widely known for its hard wearing and long lasting properties. As mahogany was not native to England, it was exported from Puerto Rico and Cuba for use in furniture making. However, it is extremely expensive today and is not commonly used for furniture. Antique mahogany furniture is also really expensive so if you are looking to decorate your home then you may want to investigate the possibility of buying mahogany antique reproduction furniture.

Mahogany antique reproduction furniture is beautiful as a result of its carved patterns and rich colouring. It can add character to any room and should be the focal point if it is purchased for your home. Mahogany antique reproduction furniture is very popular and can be used to great effect, regardless of whether you choose to purchase one piece or a whole house full.

Although you will not find mahogany antique reproduction furniture in regular antiques stores, there is still a huge market for it. Craftsmen that make the mahogany antique reproduction furniture are highly skilled individuals and give the pieces character and style. As a result, there are a number of stores that have snapped such pieces up to market them effectively. There are online and offline stores that stock mahogany antique reproduction furniture so it is easy enough to locate and not all that expensive to buy. As it is still made of mahogany it does have a fairly high price tag, but not nearly as high as the real thing.

The mahogany used to make mahogany antique reproduction furniture is actually imported from Africa so it should tell a tale in itself. However, by the time its gets you it has a completely different history.

Every piece of mahogany antique reproduction furniture is reliable and should last a lifetime or two. Most pieces are carved in great detail and are very pretty, especially if placed in the right place. The pieces are also functional and can be used in daily life. However, most mahogany antique reproduction furniture is in a more formal style and thus would do well in a room designed for entertaining, such as a dining room or office. Many designs appear in a Victorian style and thus can seem a bit overbearing at times. However, if combined with carpets and walls in lighter tones then it would go extremely well in any room of the house.

You should care for mahogany antique reproduction furniture in much the same way as you would authentic antique furniture, with a little tender loving care and a soft cloth! It can add value to your home and give it an individual flavour that most crave so enjoy it while you can!

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Your Guide To Buying An Antique Furniture Accessory From China

If you are looking to fill your home with antique gems and provide a viable nest egg for your future then you have many options. There are various styles and eras of antiques just waiting to be explored. The accessories are beautiful and can really add a little decoration to the room. An antique furniture accessory from China may be the perfect addition to your home.

All Chinese antiques have a high value that will significantly increase over time. An antique furniture accessory from China will be initially expensive but your return can be doubled in a matter of years, depending on market trends and demand.

An antique furniture accessory from China is no different to one of the major pieces of antique furniture that attract so much at auction and in antique stores and can bring the same delicate feel to your home. After all, it is often the small touches that make the difference.

As with any antique, you do have to make sure that you are getting the genuine article. There are unscrupulous dealers out there who would be prepared to offer a substandard or fake item to make money. It is therefore a good idea to find out exactly what you are buying when shopping for an antique furniture accessory from China.

You must be sure of the true value of a potential antique furniture accessory from China. The only way to achieve that is to do your homework and get second opinions. There is a wealth of information out there for an individual to draw on when trying to distinguish the real from the fake so you would be advised to draw on that and apply your new found knowledge to avoid being ripped off.

Another tip is to never take a first valuation as gospel. Other antiques dealer will be happy to help you out by giving valuations on pieces so that you are absolutely certain that you are getting a good deal. Whilst an antique furniture accessory from China can be picked up at a good price, you should believe that a price is not valid until at least one more expert has checked it out.

Always exercise patience and search for the right antique furniture accessory from China for you. It is no use settling for something that may not actually suit your tastes or your home. The whole point of an antique is to give you that little something extra and enhance your home. As well as thinking of the money it could bring you in the future, you should fall in love with it. Remember that patience is a virtue and love takes time!

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How to Find Cheap Quality Furniture for Your Home Office

The two magic words to think about when looking for home office furniture are “quality” and “cheap”. There is no point in buying cheap items unless they are good quality. This is because such items are a false economy; you end up spending more money in the end. The good news is that you should have no problem finding furniture that meets these two requirements. You just have to do a bit of research and weigh up all your options. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have a much better idea for how to go about this.

Tips for Finding Cheap Quality Furniture for your Home Office

Here are a few ideas for how you can find cheap quality furniture for your home office:

These days the best place to go for cheap furniture is on the web. The only problem with this option is that you do not usually get to see these items until they arrive at your door. This makes it difficult to judge the quality of these items. One way to get around this is to go see home office furniture in a store and then go back and order this item online. This way you can insure quality and still make great savings.

There is a great deal of competition online between different furniture sellers. This means that there can be a great deal of variation in the amount different retailers will charge. Make sure that you check out a few options before coming to any decision.

One of the best ways to get cheap quality furniture is to buy second hand items. These can be a fraction of the price you would pay if you were to buy new. This means that you can buy some really lavish items for a reasonable price. Unfortunately there are many businesses going bust at the moment; some of these will only recently have bought new furniture. This means that you can pick up some great items without breaking the bank.

It is probably best to avoid paying for home office furniture in installments. You will usually end up paying a lot more. If you have the cash you should always pay the full price and that way you can just forget about it. Renting office furniture for a home office is not really worth it.

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Decorate Your Home With the Best Quality Furniture Items

Your home is your own property and you have all the rights in the world to make it look attractive and also comfortable. You spend lots of money behind the construction of your house and that is why you must think about decorating it attractively with the help of finer materials. As far as decoration of your house is concerned, it is an endless business as you will not get satisfied even if you spend a large sum of money to develop and make it fit for living.

Most of these decorative ideas are expensive as people use certain things to add more attraction to these items. It has been seen and observed in most of the occasions that people often make use of different kinds of items that are extremely good looking and the impact of these items is very deep as the visitors to your home. You must be very careful about selecting these popular items for your home. Here, you must remember that most of these furniture items are not required and are also not used in every home. That is why it is very important for the people; in general, to think about the priorities of the furniture items that you need for your home. As most of these furniture items are made with superior materials and that is why these modern furniture items are a little expensive.

However, there are certain types of modern furniture that are very much important for both their use and their varied designs and styles. Most of these fashionable furniture items include entire range of Corbusier furniture and outdoor furniture items. If you are a native of the United States of America and Canada, then you must have these fashionable Corbusier furniture items for your home. You must remember that a house without attractive furniture is absolutely incomplete and that is why you must be very choosy before buying attractive items for your house. These Corbusier furniture items include chairs, desks, tables, loveseats etc. All these items are made with wood and steel. However, the use of plywood frames can be seen very often in the household furniture.

In the USA and Canada, the life of the people who maintain superior lifestyle cannot do away without fashionable outdoor furniture as these attractive items are used by them every day in the evening when the entire family enjoys tea. These outdoor furniture items are very much stylish because they are made attractively with the help of high quality materials. They are also made with wood and steel frames. You can, sometimes, notice use of plywood frames too. These plywood items are very popular among the people indeed.

The other attractive furniture items include Barcelona chair and Eames chair. Most of these chairs are available in different sizes and colors. These are certainly highly attractive for the owners of these items. As far as the pricing of these popular furniture items is concerned, they are very much affordable for you. You can certainly add more attraction to your home by providing these fashionable furniture items.

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Ashley Furniture Makes Some Of The Best Quality Furniture Ever Made

When people hear the name, Ashley Furniture, they immediately think high-end. This humble company that began back in 1945 has blossomed and is now a world-wide organization. With a solid reputation for quality home furnishings, they continue to grow by leaps and bounds. They have even been featured on numerous home remodeling shows.

You can always locate cheaply priced furniture at mass marketing stores. Usually, you get what you pay for, though, and it won’t last very long. You can buy quality furnishings that will last a life-time and stand up to every day wear and tear. Imagine being able to own furniture that you can pass down to your kids, maybe even several generations of kids.

It can be worth it to pay a little bit more money for a quality set rather than buying something cheap. When you realize how long well-made pieces can last, it can be well worth it in the long run. Individuals are finding themselves weary of buying inferior products that just don’t hold up to every day use. Once people realize that quality does matter, they begin to look for a brand they can trust.

You can shop this brand at Sears, Kmart, and sometimes even a few select smaller retail chains. Because they have distribution plants around the world, you can find a location close to you. Many people have been surprised to realize just how many stores carry this well-made brand.

Although this company may seem like they were an over-night success, they have earned every right to keep and hold their great reputation for quality made household products. They choose to keep the business in the family to maintain a personal relationship with their customers. People that have done business with this company understand how much they take pride in the craftsmanship of every product they make.

It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. When you are out shopping, make sure you look for quality brands and not just at prices. This company uses quality materials so that you can be assured of getting a piece of furniture that will last you for many years to come. You can even think about passing it down to your kids.

People can buy cheaply made products at a very low price. Unfortunately, time will soon tell though, as things that are not well-made will not hold up to regular use. You are better off buying quality home furnishings so that you know they will last and that you will not be disappointed with your purchase later.

Imagine having your home decorated with beautiful Ashley Furniture. You can relax knowing that it is a great brand that will last for many years. People spend a lot of time in their homes. It can be worth it to make sure you have the right home furnishings that will make you feel cozy and comfortable in your own home. You can relax knowing that your living room or dining room will be beautifully decorated by some quality home furnishings that are built to last.

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3 Easy Tips for Determining High Quality Furniture

Consumers who want to make their dollars stretch farther should invest in high quality furniture that provides good value for the amount of money spent. But just because a vendor advertises that their luxury furniture is high quality and charges a high price doesn’t necessarily ensure that the furniture being purchased ranks high on the quality scale. There are a number of ways a shopper can determine if the quality of the furniture he is buying justifies a higher price tag.

Wood Composition

Whether or not a piece of furniture uses wood in its construction that is hardwood from deciduous trees or softwood from coniferous trees is not as important as the wood’s overall durability. Any piece of furniture that has an exposed wood surface can be considered quality if the type of wood selected tends to be hard enough to resist nicks and scratches. If a scratch can be made in the wood using just one fingernail, the furniture piece is certain to quickly look old and scuffed. Furniture that can be considered quality uses sturdy wood that is scratch resistant or at least nine-layered plywood for durability. Wood featuring a multiple of knots in the texture tends to crack more easily, so be cautious about pine furniture. Avoid furniture made from particle board, fiber board or pressed wood, which is a mark of cheap furniture.

Wood Construction

How the wood is held together on a piece of furniture can tell you whether or not it belongs in the high quality category. If staples, glue or nails are used at joints in order to hold the wood together, it’s a sign of cheap furniture construction. Screws and wooden pegs are a sign of better quality. And the best quality furniture features joints that interlock with reinforcement blocks positioned for better strength at all angles. If choosing a piece of furniture that has drawers, quality construction include dust panels, the thin sheets of wood that are positioned between each drawer in order to keep the contents of the drawer clean. Quality construction also means that the drawers are able to be pulled in and out while floating on an installed grove for ease of use even when weather conditions change and there is more humidity in the atmosphere. Quality furniture also provides stops on all drawers to prevent them from being inadvertently pulled out of the unit. Look at the legs on the piece of furniture under consideration to be sure that each leg is touching the floor evenly. Push down on the piece from every corner to see if it wobbles or rocks, obvious signs of cheap construction.

Quality Upholstery

Sofas and chairs should have removable covers for easy cleaning. If the cushions used contain only foam with no protective covering, the chair or sofa features shoddy construction which will prove very uncomfortable for sitting for any length of time in addition to wearing out much more quickly. The density of the foam should be close to 2 pounds or higher. The filling used in back cushions should be separated into several compartments rather than loosely filled which will settle over time and become lumpy and uncomfortable. Quality furniture usually has a cleaning code attached for proper care. If the furniture uses coil springs, see if the seat has any weak spots that tend to sink in or favors tipping in one direction.

The padding on upholstered furniture should be thick enough so that the frame cannot easily be detected when pressure is applied to the padding. Quality upholstered furniture usually features cushions that are reversible for double the wear before the upholstery must be cleaned. Any fabric patterns should align together nicely.

High quality furniture doesn’t have to have a luxury furniture price tag. But by knowing what signs to look for to separate quality pieces from cheaply constructed ones ensures consumers that they will get the best value for their money when making a furniture purchase.

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Options For Buying Quality Furniture

Time was that buying furniture was a time consuming, laborious process which was limited by the area that you live in and the access you had to bricks and mortar stores. You were further limited by the fact that a given store would have only some designs available at any particular time; others would have to be ordered and couldn’t be seen before hand. Online shopping for furniture has changed all that. If you were looking for Michigan furniture stores for instance you could only hope to access the items if you were living in the area. Now however Michigan furniture can be ordered to any part of the country according to specifications and even customizations carried out as and where possible.

In particular the old fashioned way of buying furniture limited one’s access to high quality furniture, particularly indigenously produced furniture. Now however quality furniture that is handcrafted and built to last can be obtained in any corner. Amish furniture stores in Michigan for instance can assure a supply of the best quality furniture of all kinds, even modern and contemporary designs wherever you are.

Buying furniture has become so much simpler with this increased online access where a virtual furniture catalogue can give you instant access to literally thousands of designs and combinations to furnish your home with only the choicest items. Conveniently categorized according to the rooms that you may want to furnish: living room, office, bedroom, dining room, hallway, the patio or the porch (outdoor furniture) or even the utility room; you can browse to your heart’s content.

You can take your time and make a decision based on your choice without feeling pressured by a salesperson breathing down your neck, perhaps even encouraging you to buy more expensive items rather than the ones that you really want to pick.

Traditionally Michigan furniture stores have been highly appreciated for the truly high quality furniture that the Amish populations there are known to produce. Along with other states such as Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Michigan is the state which has significant Amish populations, which is why Amish furniture stores in Michigan are known to produce some of the best quality and most beautiful furniture, a far cry from the mass produced furniture that may be cheap, but looks the same too!

Michigan furniture stores are known to produce such fine quality furniture because of the Amish craftsmen and Amish designs that create each individual piece. Simple, classic lines mean that the furniture is beautiful even if shorn of all frippery and has a timeless elegance to it that adds to its longevity. Also since the Amish scorn to use machinery that is used to produce the soulless, mass produced furniture that we see so much of today, the furniture that you will get in a number of the more reputable Michigan furniture stores is the kind that is made the same way today as it was decades, if not ages, ago. The sort of furniture that you want to live with and which will live with you for years to come!

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